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Three posters from our group at AGU FM21!

Check out our group’s posters at the 2021 AGU Fall Meeting! All posters are in the DI25C session. Authors will be available during an online summary session from 2:00-3:00pm CT on Tuesday using this link. They will also be available for further discussion via zoom — links can be found by navigating to the pages linked below and clicking “I Will Be At My Poster Time.”

Xinmu Zhang presents a numerical model of He, Ne and Ar isotopic evolution in the mantle, crust and atmosphere with implications for volatile origins and transport.

Sam Patzkowsky presents a Xe isotopic model of episodic outgassing, investigating whether large igneous provinces could have had an effect on the mantle Xe composition.

Julian Rodriguez presents our lab’s first noble gas data, including high-precision data from samples with low gas abundances.