Posters presented by students in our group at recent conferences


The Impact of Ancient Mantle Xe Archives on Geodynamic Evolution Models – New Ne and Xe data in a 3 Gyr old anorthosite that we believe carries ancient mantle gas, Samuel Patzkowsky and Rita Parai

Noble Gas Isotopic Insights into Primordial and Recycled Volatiles in the Cook-Austral HIMU Mantle – New OIB data show a mix of primordial and recycled components is required in the Cook-Austral mantle source, Xinmu J. Zhang, John C. Lassiter, and Rita Parai

Plume-ridge Interaction and the Nature of the Easter-Salas y Gomez Hotspot from
Heavy Noble Gas Isotopic Measurements
– New submarine basalt data highlight plume-ridge interaction in the Pacific, Kelsey A. Woody and Rita Parai