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Contents: Azores Field Trip | Apollo Next Generation Sample Analysis | Building the Lab | Our Visitors

Azores Sample Collection Trip – May/June 2023

Supported by NSF Award 2145663 to Rita Parai (CAREER: Heavy Noble Gases in the Azores Archipelago)


Photo credits: Sam Patzkowsky, Kelsey Woody, Mason Neuman, Vanessa Soares, and Rita Parai

Apollo Next Generation Sample Analysis 73001 piercing and analysis

Johnson Space Center – Houston, Feb/March 2022

  • Parai and colleagues extracting gas from the Apollo 73001 lunar sample
  • Our group performing preliminary analyses of gas extracted from a sealed Apollo 17 lunar sample

Building the Noble Gas Lab

Constructing the gas extraction and purification line from scratch took a lot of effort! Here are snapshots of how it came together.

Visitors at WUSTL